Chemical Technology

The Laboratory for Chemical Technology (LCT) integrates chemical science and engineering in its research on catalysis, polymerization, kinetics, reactor design and process design. LCT is part of the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University in Belgium and member of the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) of Ghent University.

Cover article in Polymer Chemistry regarding kinetic understanding of acrylate polymerization chemistry up to high temperatures


The work entitled “From Arrhenius parameters for acrylate backbiting and tertiary propagation to β-scission via stepwise pulsed laser polymerization” has been highlighted at the cover of Polymer Chemistry, a leading journal in the polymer science field (SCI-IF: 4.7). Using dedicated pulsed laser polymerization experiments and regression analysis reliable kinetic parameters for side reactions in acrylate radical polymerization were obtained. Polymerization of acrylates is an important industrial process with the processing parameters depending on the control of the side reactions. The authors are: Anil B. Vir, Yoshi W. Marien, Paul H.M. Van Steenberge, Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Guy B. Marin, and Dagmar R. D’hooge.