Chemical Technology

The Laboratory for Chemical Technology (LCT) integrates chemical science and engineering in its research on catalysis, polymerization, kinetics, reactor design and process design. LCT is part of the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University in Belgium and member of the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) of Ghent University.



Yi Ouyang is awarded FWO postdoc fellowship

The project of Yi Ouyang is entitled "Visualization, Modelling and Computation Based Process Intensification of CO2 Capture" and deals with transport processes at different scales using advanced visualization technologies and multiscale simulations to drive model-based design and innovation. The project aims to understand the gas-liquid mass transfer and develop a gas-liquid process intensification equipment, namely the vortex unit, in the CO2 capture context.


Carbon resistant B-doped Pt catalyst for propane dehydrogenation

Effect of Boron Promotion on Coke Formation during Propane Dehydrogenation over Pt/γ-Al2O3 Catalysts
Mostafa Aly, Esteban L. Fornero, Andres R. Leon-Garzon, Vladimir V. Galvita, and Mark Saeys
ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 9, 5208-5216


Sulfur poisoning: Rh facilitates Ni site regeneration

Effect of Rh in Ni-based catalysts on sulfur impurities during methane reforming, Stavros-Alexandros Theofanidis, Johannis A. Z. Pieterse, Hilde Poelman, Alessandro Longo, Maarten K. Sabbe, Mirella Virginie, Christophe Detavernier, Guy B. Marin, Vladimir V. Galvita, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volume 267, 2020, p. 118691,

11-03-2020 Progress in Materials Science contribution on polymer design
29-11-2019 Cover article on Reaction Chemistry and Engineering regarding derived catalysts for the aldol reaction in water
12-11-2019 Cover article in Macromolecules on the potential of dispersed-phased polymerization
28-10-2019 Cover article in Reaction Chemistry and Engineering on interplay of chain length and particle size distribution in miniemulsion copolymerization
07-10-2019 Science contribution regarding automated continuous synthesis of organic compounds
19-08-2019 Nature Communication contribution regarding polymer design for polymer therapeutics and hydrogels
07-08-2019 Nature Catalysis publication on the eco-efficient production of amines via catalytic amination of alcohols
31-07-2019 César Alejandro Urbina Blanco and Ruben Van de Vijver were awarded an FWO postdoc scholarship
31-07-2019 Science publication on how the Chemical industry can be electrified
31-07-2019 Cover article in Polymer Chemistry regarding kinetic understanding of acrylate polymerization chemistry up to high temperatures