Chemical Technology

The Laboratory for Chemical Technology (LCT) integrates chemical science and engineering in its research on catalysis, polymerization, kinetics, reactor design and process design. LCT is part of the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University in Belgium and member of the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) of Ghent University. LCT aims at research excellence and bottom-up innovation in the framework of technological, industrial, and societal challenges.

High-Throughput Intrinsic Kinetics (HTK) Reactor Systems

Two complementary high-throughput kinetics (HTK) set-ups are available, i.e. a high-throughput kinetics screening set-up (HTK-S) and high-throughput kinetics mechanistic investigation set-up (HTK-MI). They are specifically designed to achieve the goals put forward in the information-driven catalyst design methodology, i.e. catalyst screening and mechanistic investigation while providing reliable intrinsic kinetic data for microkinetic model construction. The main goal of the HTK-S set-up is the fast parallel screening of a large variety and, hence, number of catalysts. Both simple and complex reaction networks can be dealt with. This set-up corresponds to the screening step. After the screening stage, a benchmark catalyst is selected, on which an extensive experimental study is performed on HTK-MI complemented by a few additional catalysts for the catalyst descriptor determination. This is depicted as the mechanistic investigation step.