1. Improve the characterization of biomass raw material and the produced bio-oil using advanced analytical techniques.
  2. Construction and demonstration of a RBR-SG unit for fast pyrolysis of (genetically modified) biomass material (Arabidopsis, Corn stover and Poplar).
  3. Gain fundamental insight in the chemistry of biomass fast pyrolysis. Identify key radical and molecular elementary reaction families based on experiments with well characterized (genetically modified) biomass material (Arabidopsis, Corn stover and Poplar).
  4. Remove formic and acetic acid from a fast pyrolysis bio-oil by selective adsorption on a MOF material, or by pervaporation through a membrane coated with a strongly hydrophobic MOF.
  5. Isolate selected fractions from the fast pyrolysis oil, with (substituted) catechols as a particular target.
  6. Develop a fundamental simulation model based on the improved chemical insight and experimental data. Implementation of advanced chemoinformatics for description of molecular species and radical intermediates.
  7. Bio-oil stabilization via model guided optimization of hydrodeoyxgenation with minimal hydrogen consumption.
  8. Optimization of the novel reactor technology by the multiscale modeling approach for targeted chemical applications including the production of phenols, organic esters, furans, etc. using biomass material.