... to develop and demonstrate a new disruptive technology for the conversion of biomass to chemicals and fuels via fast pyrolysis based on an innovative reactor concept.

In our integrated approach of the problem, besides reactor engineering, focus is given, on one hand, on the genetic modification of plants to optimize liquids yields and, on the other, on the further purification, fractionation and extraction of valuable compounds from these liquid products.

The closing session of Bioleum will be organized at the XXIII International Conference on Chemical Reactors (CHEMREACTOR-23); on November 6th, 2018 in Ghent, Belgium.

6 valorization objectives

  1. Integrated innovative technology for the production of fuel grade liquids from biomass pyrolysis.
  2. Novel separation techniques are developed for the separation of valuable compounds from the bio-oils prior its upgrading.
  3. A demonstration vortex reactor is constructed as proof-of-concept.
  4. Genetic modification of plants targeting the optimization of lignocellulose composition, so as to maximise yield potential applied on maize.
  5. Simulation codes are developed for the process of biomass pyrolysis.
  6. Catalytic materials are designed via the identification of optimal properties for the processes of bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation and biomass pyrolysis.